I am mesmerised by joy, I think it is the key to a good life. I also have a deep fascination with family structure and the importance of belonging. This is what I strive to photograph with every family who comes in front of my lens. Family photography is everything to me, I will spend the rest of my life developing my art with families as my subject.


My treasures include my husband Perry, a brilliant chef and my son Henry, who was born in November 2016. We also have a fat cat Minx who is in constant disapproval of our general way of life. And Molly, our Beaglier who claimed the center position of this family on arrival …. and is struggling to share that spot these days.


Miranda joined the team at the end of 2016 and is Muka’s Wall Art Specialist. She takes charge of the image viewing sessions and has a wonderful eye for detail. Her understanding of photography and design gives her the ability to put together incredible wall displays of your photographs.


In Maori mythology the harakeke (flax) plant represents the whanau (family). The rito (shoot) is the child and it is protectively surrounded by the awhi rito (parents). The outside leaves represent the tupuna (grandparents and ancestors). Muka is the fibre taken from the strongest leaves and woven into kete (baskets). The perfect symbol of family structure and connection.


The Muka logo symbolises a few of my concepts and brings them into one beautiful little graphic. At first I saw it as a fingerprint, the perfect symbol of unique identity and for leaving your mark, your legacy with the world. But over time I have started to see it as the lines of family generations making up a complete circle.


When you come to visit us our rooms are upstairs at 17 South Concourse, Beaumaris. You’ll find the entrance around the back, beside Beaumaris Cellars (because we also believe strongly in fine wine). This is where you will view your images, see samples of the Muka products and make the decisions about what wall art you want to have in your home. You can visit this page to read a little more the products.